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National Projector Projects

  • Phone Switch install with voice mail
  • Upgraded phone switch with full T1 card
  • Added software to phone switch to track inbound and outbound call for sales department
  • New Office Wire
  • Upgraded office from ISDN to a full T1 and configured Cisco routers
  • Database Server
  • Web Server
  • Managed AV Projects
  • Office Move
  • Helped with the design and maintenance of several web sites
  • Added JavaScript to web site for image rotation

Ch2m Hill Projects

  • Upgrade Corvallis office cable plant to multimode fiber backbone, fully switched with redundant power supplies
  • Novell to Windows server migration
  • Converted office from IPX/SPX to TCP/IP using DHCP
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Fax gateway for desktop faxing
  • RAS remote dial in
  • RAID Level-5 Upgrade on all servers
  • McAfee virus implementation for serves and email
  • City of Detroit Michigan Project Office for Engineers
  • Changed WAN links from full and fractional T1 to Frame Relay to reduce costs
  • Reconfigured Cisco routers
  • Coordinated move of IT equipment for Repro Graphics Department to new location
  • Migrated GIS workstations running on SUN Unix workstations to PC Platforms running Windows

contracting projects

  • Adec
    Newberg, Oregon
    Added cad workstations to network in remote area of campus using existing telephone wire and a pair of long haul ethernet bridges. Also recovered data from drives when they found their backups were not running properly
    Clackamas, Oregon
    Provided support for their network, server, workstations and users.
    Kingsley Field, Klamath Falls, Oregon
    Solved problems with computer network used to train Air Force F-16 pilots.
    Klamath Falls, Oregon
    Repaired computer systems and solved disk drive alignment problems.
    Stratford, Iowa
    Designed and implemented Novell network system. Trained personnel.
    Webster City, Iowa
    Designed and implemented Novell network system.

infocus projects

  • Changed out CSU/DSU when T1 link for two main offices went down
  • Upgraded Novell file server
  • Designed and coordinated installation of new network for a joint venture between InFocus and Motorola called Motif in Wilsonville, Oregon.

microware projects

  • Build servers for remote offices running Novell
  • Coordinate the installation of network in new offices
  • Added Microware warehouse in Huntington Beach, California to Microware network, installed T1, configured routers.
  • Configured TCP/IP bridge to Sequent computer running Unix

oit projects

  • Installed campus network
  • Trained students, faculty and staff on network and email system
  • Installed applications to run from the network like Autocad
  • Installed and upgraded Novell file servers
  • Installed and maintained Ethernet gateway to Prime, Sequent and Harris computer systems
  • Added network and student laps to OIT's Portland Metro Campus